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1959 Born in Israel 
Lives and works in Tel Aviv



2000 - 2005 BA Studies of Humanities and Social Sciences

1985 - 1989 Photography studies at ‘Camera Obscura’ School of Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel 
1993 - 1997 Studies of Parapsychology and Alternative healing therapies 


Teaching experience

Since 1992 Teaches at various Israeli Art Photography Schools 
2005 - 2006 Head of the Department of Photography, Ascola-Meimad, Tel-aviv


Solo Exhibitions

2010 ‘Places’, Gal-on Gallery, Tel Aviv
2000 ‘Hairy’, Herzliya Museum of Art, Herzliya
1995 ‘93/94 Photographs’, The Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel Aviv
1993 ‘The month Artist’, The Education committee in The Israeli Parliament, (The Knesset), Jerusalem
1992 ‘Nidbach’, The Artists house, Jerusalem
1990 ‘Works’, The Borochov Studio Gallery, Tel Aviv
1988 'Photocollage', BigMama restaurant Gallery, Tel Aviv


Group Exhibitions

2017 'Landmarks', The photography lab gallery, Tel aviv

2016 'Universum', 'International Photography Festival #4', Jaffa 

2016 'The triangle', Carmel forest art, curator: Sharon Toval

2013 'Kids are happiness', Beautiful eyes gallery, Jerusalem

2012 'Bread and Roses', Tel Aviv

2012 'Post', Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv
2012 'International Photography Festival #2', Tel Aviv Jaffa 
2009 'Tel Aviv Time 2009',Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
2009 'Bread and Roses', Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 'Criminal Intention', Gerard Bachar Center, Jerusalem
2007 'Captured Moments' , Edge Art Center, Naharia
2006 'Journey Stories', Dizengof Center, Tel Aviv
2005 'As if profusion was never ended', Hi-Touch Gallery, Herzliya
2005 'Family Trilogy – Self Portrait', Beit Berl College
2005 'Family Trilogy – My Spouse', Beit Berl College
2004 'Family Trilogy – My Kid' , Beit Berl College
2003 'Autumn Salon', Exhibition and Sale, Artists House, Tel Aviv
2003 ‘Nature unlike Nature’ , The Yanko-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod
2002 'Potential Space’, The Ascola-Meimad Gallery, Tel Aviv
1997 ‘Still in Eden’, Municipal Art Gallery, Rehovot 
1997 ‘Love at first sight’, Daphne Na'or collection, Cabri Gallery, Cabri Kibbutz
1997 ‘Treated genitals’, Limbus Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1996 'There will be peace’, In memory of Yitzhak Rabin, Art Center, Jaffa
1996 ‘Creality’, fictitious reality in the Israeli photography, Omanut La’am
1996 ‘Outside Museum’, Art on road signs, all over the country
1994 ‘Borochov Studio’ in Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv
1993 ‘Looking at a Sexy look’, Limbus Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992 ‘Open Card’, Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv
1992 ‘Xerox’, Limbus Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
1991 ‘One City 5 P.M’, The Suzanne Dalal Center, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
1989 ‘Graduates Exhibition’, The Camera Obscura School of Arts, Tel Aviv

Special Projects

2012 I published a book for the Ministry of Education in digital format, the first of its kind in Israel, intended for high school students and entitled "The Art of Photographic Expression".

2005 - 2008
I initiated and performed Photography learning experience course for prisoners from Hadarim Jail. It was one of kind, and in the End, the photographs were exhibited in Art Space Gallery in Tel Aviv and Gerard Bachar, Jerusalem



Camera Obscura –School of Visual Arts-TLV
Borochov Studio-TLV, Mr. Nechama – CEO Erison Investment group
Daphna Naor Gallery – Jerusalem, Other private collections



2001 Ellul – TLV Art Auction
2000 Hammersite Gallery - TLV
1999 SOTHEBY\'S – TLV 20 Years of Camera Obscura School of Visual Arts

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